Cables & Connectors

Available cables and connectors:

Connection cable NANO power/S7PDA - OUDIE Order Nr.:CC-NP-OUDIE1
Connection cable NANO power/S7PDA - standard RS232 Order Nr.:CC-NP-232
Connection cable NANO power/S7PDA - IPAQ 38xx Order Nr.:CC-NP-38
Connection cable NANO power/S7PDA - PNA V2, IPAQ 31x Order Nr.:CC-NP-IPAQ310
Connection cable NANO power/S7PDA - S7/LX16x/LX16xx Order Nr.:CC-NP-LX
Connection cable NANO power/S7PDA -Lx7xxx Order Nr.:CC-NP-IGC
Connection cable NANO power/S7PDA -Butterfly Connect Order Nr.:CC-NP-BFC
Connection cable S7 - S7-GPS-232 + 12VDC for PFcore Order Nr.:S7-GPS-PFCORE
Connection cable S7 - standard RS232 Order Nr.:S7-GPS-232
Connection cable S7 - for old LX20 Order Nr.:S7-GPS-LX20
Connection cable S7 - IGC FR with RJ11 Order Nr.:S7-GPS-IGC
Connection cable S7 - Power flarm/K8 mux Order Nr.:S7-GPS-PF
USB-A to MINI B cable
Cable Digital Unit (for LX90xx/LX80xx) Order Nr.:du-ca
Cable Vario Unit (for V5/V9/V8/V80) Order Nr.:vu-ca
Cable Double Seat (for LX90x/LX80xx) Order Nr.:ds-ca
Cable S3 Order Nr.:S3-ca
Cable S3 Update cable with RS232 Order Nr.:S3upd-ca
Cable Flarm Update cable with RS232 Order Nr.:flarmupd-ca
Cable Flarm Update cable with RS232 and 12VDC Supply Order Nr.:flarmupd12-ca
Cable S7 Order Nr.: S7-ca
Cable CAN extension cable (4m) Order Nr.: CAN-4m-ca
Cable CAN bridge (30cm) Order Nr.: CAN-bridge-ca
Cable USB or USB-D Order Nr.: usb-ca
Cable RS485 extension cable (4m) Order Nr.: 485-4m-ca
Cable RS485 bridge (30cm) Order Nr.: 485-bridge-ca
Cable Instrument panel (5P) - PC Order Nr.: lx5pc-ca
Cable LX8000/8080/9000 (5P) - FLARM (RJ12) Order Nr.: lx5flarm-ca
Cable LX8000/8080/9000 (5P) - PowerFlarm(RJ45) Order Nr.:lx5PF-ca
Cable LX8000/8080/9000 (5P) - PowerFlarmCore (DB9) Order Nr.:lx5pfcore-ca
Cable LX9000 TRX1090 Order Nr.:lx9000-TRX-ca (lx5pf-ca + FlarmView-ca)
Cable Flarm (RJ12) FlarmView/FlarmLed (RJ12) (cca. 3.5m) Order Nr.:FlarmView3.5m-ca
Cable Flarm (RJ12) FlarmView/FlarmLed (RJ12) (cca. 40cm) Order Nr.:FlarmView-ca
Cable PowerFlarm (RJ45) FlarmView/FlarmLed (RJ12) (cca. 3.5m) Order Nr.:FlarmViewPF3.5m-ca
Cable PowerFlarm (RJ45) FlarmView/FlarmLed (RJ12) (cca. 40cm) Order Nr.:FlarmViewPF-ca

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  1. USB-port extension

    USB-port extension

    Incl. BTW: € 19,00 Excl. BTW: € 15,70

    USB-port extension... Meer info
  2. RJ45 panel connector

    RJ45 panel connector

    Incl. BTW: € 14,95 Excl. BTW: € 12,36

    RJ45 panel connector Meer info
  3. USB panel connector

    USB panel connector

    Incl. BTW: € 14,95 Excl. BTW: € 12,36

    USB panel connector. Output on instrumentpanel USB type A, input behind instrumentpanel USB type B. Meer info
  4. USB panel connector (LX)

    USB panel connector (LX)

    Incl. BTW: € 9,95 Excl. BTW: € 8,22

    USB panel connector (LX)... Meer info
  5. Nano-Oudie-PowerPack cable


    Incl. BTW: € 99,00 Excl. BTW: € 81,82

    Cable to connect Nano or Nano3 IGC-flightrecorder with an Oudie and PowerPack (USB). 5 volt powersupply will be provided for Nano and Oudie as well as data transfer between Nano and Oudie. Meer info
  6. Dual USB panel extension adapter

    Dual USB panel extension adapter

    Incl. BTW: € 29,95 Excl. BTW: € 24,75

    Dual USB panel extension adapter...incl. 2x 1m USB-cable and waterproof socket with bracket. This adapter extends USB-ports for two devices (for example LX80X0, LX90X0, PowerFlarm etc.) to the instrument panel. Meer info
  7. Trig TY91/92 cableset

    Trig TY91/92 cableset

    van € 169,00

    Special Price Incl. BTW: € 160,55 Excl. BTW: € 132,69

    Complete cableset that connects TY91/92 and TC90 (50cm). Further wiring (50cm) is provided for: microphone, push-to-talk switch, speaker, power, ground and a com-port for communication with third party devices (such as: LX80X0- and LX90X0-series). Meer info
  8. Trig TY91/92 wiring harness

    Trig TY91/92 wiring harness

    Incl. BTW: € 269,00 Excl. BTW: € 222,31

    TY91/TY92 wiring harness come complete with power, ground, speaker, intercom enable, headphones (x2 with aviation sockets attached), microphone (x2 with aviation sockets attached), PTT (x2), aux input, step key & transfer key wiring as well as connections between control head and remote unit. Two version are available: - Short: 100cm / 39” remote to controller, 300cm / 118” all other cables - Long: 300cm / 118” remote to controller, 300cm / 118” all other cables Meer info

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