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The LXNAV S7 (formerly: V7) is a standalone digital speed-to-fly variometer and final glide calculator with GPS input and PDA/PNA input/output. Mechanical needle driven by stepper motor allows fast response and very accurate vertical speed indication. A two-inch 320x240 sunshine readable screen displays user adjustable parameters. An integrated rotary switch with push button is used to setup all the parameters. Integrated g-meter. Flarm display with acoustic warning (when connected to Flarm device). Integrated logbook. A second indicator with rotary switch and push button can be connected to S7 for double-seated aircrafts. Audio Equalizer for better vario sound performance. Multilanguage graphic user interface (10 languages). Integrated Voice module. Thermal assistant. Inertial assisted vario.
Incl. BTW: € 1.076,90 Excl. BTW: € 890,00

S7 (ex. V7)

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